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Chaya, one of the healthiest vegetables in the world!



Why does Inli Agriculture Farm need to focus on and make products at Low Sodium???

So let's get to know what Sodium is...

Sodium is the kind of mineral salt that matters to.

Water and body fluid balance control

Which can control the blood pressure system

Function of neurons and muscles

As well as nutrient absorption

And mineral salt in kidney and small intestine

Sodium found in meat food, natural food.

Besides, we consume sodium in the form of

Instant food curry salt. Seasoned objects.

As well as all kinds of fluffy snacks.

The body needs different sodium

Depending on body, gender and age conditions.

Generally able to consume maximum sodium

Without physical harm, at 2,3 grams per day.

Compared to salt, around 1 tsp or 6 grams.

Usually natural foods consumed daily.

There is enough amount of sodium for body needs.

If consuming more sodium than the amount your body needs, it may cause kidney degeneration because kidneys handle sodium.

When the kidney is functioning, the salt will be made.

Edema resulting in hypertension and kidney disease.

Heart and cardiovascular disease can follow.

To prevent chronic kidney disease in the future and keep the kidney for the longest time.

Should avoid consumption of sodium beyond the necessity of the body.

(cr.) A.D. No. Sukij to maintain health, Department of Ages, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Nursing)

For those who are addicted to salty flavor, let's slowly reduce the salt amount. Our tongue can adjust the flavor within only 2 weeks.

For our good health and loved ones. Let's change our salt consumption behavior.